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Individuals, bookstores, or organizations other than bookstores can order my books from the publishers listed below.

Bookstores can also order from Koen, Ingram, or Baker & Taylor.

Walking Back Up Depot Street
paper ISBN 0-8229-5895-0
cloth ISBN 0-8229-4096-3

The Dirt She Ate: Selected and News Poems
paper ISBN 0-8229-5826-0

Are available from:

University of Pittsburgh Press
Chicago Distribution Center
11030 South Langley
Chicago, Illinois, 60628-3893
Phone: 773-702-7000


Rebellion: Essays 1980-1991
paper ISBN 1-56341-006-0
cloth ISBN 1-56341-007-9

We Say We Love Each Other
paper ISBN 0-933216-13-0
cloth ISBN 0-932379-73-7

Are available from:

Firebrand Books
2232 S. Main St. #272
Ann Arbor, MI 48102-6938
Phone:    248-738-8202



Yours In Struggle: Three Feminist Perspectives On Racism And Anti-Semitism,
with Elly Bulkin and Barbara Smith
paper ISBN 0-932379-53-2
cloth ISBN 0-932379-54-0

Is available from:

SPD/Small Press Distribution, Inc.
1341 Seventh St., Berkeley, CA 94710-1409
Phone: 510-524-1668
Fax:    510-524-0852



A new edition of S/HE is hot off the presses from Alyson Publications!

paper ISBN 1-55583-888-X

Is available from:

Alyson Books
Phone: 1-800-5-ALYSON



My first poetry chapbook, The Sound Of One Fork, and my award-winning Crime Against Nature are currently out of print.
Occasionally they can be found at the used book site