Important Production Notes for Speaking Engagements

1. Equipment: Unless the room that I'll be speaking in is living-room size, I would like a sound system. I do not like to use a podium and would prefer a clip-on/lavaliere microphone. I'll also need a chair, a small waist-high table, and a glass of water.

2. Book sales: If there is a local bookstore (feminist, women's, lesbian/gay, alternative/progressive), I would prefer that those folks sell my books at the reading, if they are interested in doing so. If not, I would like for the organizers to handle book sales, either themselves or through a university bookstore if this is a university-sponsored event. My books can be ordered from my publisher by individuals, bookstores, or organizations. Bookstores can also call my publisher to ascertain what distributor is currently stocking the books.

For a list of my books that are in print and available, click here for Book Order Info.

3. Publicity: I will be happy to give interviews to local newspaper/newsletter or radio/TV people, if you schedule these with me in advance, or have the interviewers call me at the number below. I will also do interviews by phone before the reading. And please refer news sources to this Web Page for background information!

4. Accessibility: My hope is that providing accessibility at cultural events can give us a glimpse of a broad-based movement for liberation, and a chance to learn from other communities than our own. Therefore, I would like my reading to be available to as many people as possible. Thank you in advance for dealing with these issues.

So: If there is an admission price, please have a sliding scale. Please locate the reading in wheelchair-accessible space; this means ramps if there are any steps; have someone double check this personally. If there is a local Deaf community, please have the reading interpreted for the deaf and hearing-impaired; I will send copies of what I'll read to the interpreter two weeks in advance if you notify me.

Please arrange for there to be child care; your publicity can ask that those desiring child care let you know a week before the event. For universities where child care is often seen as a liability or legal hazard, please work creatively on this; the ability of mothers, especially students or poor/working-class women, to attend community cultural events is also an accessibility issue.

When you schedule the date and time of the reading, please place it on no significant day of religious or spiritual observance which might prevent people from attending.

If there is a reception at which alcohol will be served, please also arrange to have ample amounts of juice, soft drinks or seltzer, as well as some snack foods available. Please make it clear, through announcements or signs, that there is to be no smoking in the room(s) where the reading and socializing take place. Remember to indicate on all your publicity the ways in which the event will be accessible.

5. Housing and Food: Because I travel so much, I prefer motel/hotel housing. For community organizations on a budget, I need at least a room with a door that closes! I'm not allergic to any animals, although I am not fond of dogs. I'm a semi-vegetarian; I occasionally eat chicken and fish.

6.Contact information: You can click here to access my e-mail. Or contact me at:

Minnie Bruce Pratt
PMB # 227
72 Van Reipen Ave.
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Fax: 201-484-7720

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